Janice Kay Johnson

janice kay johnson's romantic suspense TRIGGER WORDSTRIGGER WORDS
(A Cape Trouble Novel)
February 8, 2017

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When words are her only weapon...

Cape Trouble, a tiny Oregon Coast town, was named for the dangerous off-shore reefs. But some of its citizens seek refuge from their own troubles…which have a way of following them.

When crisis negotiator and detective Rebecca Walker launches an investigation into the disappearance of a young mother, her discoveries tear open wounds she'd thought long healed. She must hide her turmoil and doubts, knowing her boss, Lieutenant B.J. "Will" Wilcynski, will yank her from the investigation if he finds out how close to home it strikes. Painfully aware that each passing day lessens the likelihood Mandy Shaw will be found alive, Rebecca fights for evidence to support her gut feeling about the abductor's identity.

Her lieutenant has his own battles. His forbidden attraction to a woman whose warmth touches even the most troubled people is bad enough. But this isn't only attraction - she stirs emotions in him he doesn't understand. And when Rebecca herself becomes the focus of a killer who takes pleasure in taunting her, Will is desperate to keep her safe. His worst nightmare is being helpless to protect her.

Driven to save lives, Rebecca faces an unthinkable choice. Can she bring herself to goad a man to his death?


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